The last couple of days I’ve been in a really good mood, which, unfortunately can be quite a rare occurrence for me.

But I’ve decided to embrace this happiness and try and figure out what has led me to being in such a good mood so hopefully if I’m feeling a little down, then I can try and capture some of these things to make me feel happier again.

Reason 1: I’m feeling more settled

Since returning from Christmas I’ve been feeling more settled in Potsdam. I don’t feel so much an alien in a foreign land. I’ve managed to make some things mine and that’s helped me to make Potsdam and Berlin feel a bit more like a place I can feel at home in. I’ve had a bit more confidence in speaking to people so new friendships have started to develop. Yay!

Reason 2: My German language is coming on in leaps and bounds (and my exam results are evidence of that!)

So obviously the whole point in me living in Germany for a year is that my German becomes better and more fluent. And it first I didn’t see that that was happening so much. But since Christmas I’ve noticed how much easier I’m finding it to communicate with my flatmates, with people in the shops and with people in general. I think this has also helped in making me feel more settled. I don’t feel like a foreigner who can’t understand anything.

I also found out that I got 95% in my German language exam so I was clearly over the moon about that! I also got a 1,3 (equivalent of about an A) in my German grammar exam. I’m proud of how my German is developing and I can actually see a point to this year now!

Reason 3: The weather

The weather in Potsdam the last couple of days has been beautiful! Very cold, but very beautiful. It’s snowed a little and it’s been sunny. Whenever it’s sunny I’m happy anyway but there’s something about sun on a snowy day that makes me realise how beautiful the world around me is. Look at this picture and try and tell me this is not lovely:



I took this photo on the 16th January while running for the bus but I didn’t feel like I could let the opportunity pass. I also still made the bus so win-win!!



At the moment I’m happy and I’m enjoying it. I’m eating better, drinking more water (and also lots of tea!!), enjoying the weather, reading more, walking more and loving Zumba!

I’m looking forward to going home for a while over Easter but I’m not feeling how I did before Christmas – that I just had to keep going until Christmas and then everything would be fine because I could go home. I’m starting to feel that I can have a life here and make my life here my own. It might be slightly chaotic and crazy, but it’s my life and it makes me happy.

Oh and one more reason: pottery painting. I love it.