On Wednesday me and my German bestie, Bridie, decided we’d go pottery painting, despite the fact that neither of us are artistic.

“it’s fine,” we said, “we’ll just make ugly things together!”

And so we did. Actually they weren’t too ugly, and came out alright in the end (see featured photo of my creations!)

The pottery painting place we went to (Paint your Style) was really nice and cosy, served coffee and played really good music. And guess what? It’s open on a Sunday!! Now people in the UK, I know it may confuse you as to what this is so significant but everything shuts on a Sunday in Germany. I mean everything. Like it’s Christmas. Not even the supermarkets are open. So to find something to do on a Sunday other than housework/coursework/procrastinating is great!

Along with the pottery painting came the obligatory conversation about how much we dislike the year abroad. Both of us hate it. Everyone we’ve spoken to here in Potsdam or Berlin are hating it. We did we have to do it again?!

Like seriously, if everyone is hating it so much why do unis insist on it? I know it’s to help improve our fluency and knowledge of the language, but at the detriment of our mental health, emotions and sanity? Surely there’s a better way around it.

Both myself and Bridie are struggling with a social life, finding friends and just being content with life here. But we’re getting by. Partially by drinking every weekend. And partially by chatting to each other about how crap life is.

So I’m very thankful to have my German bestie, Bridie. If I didn’t, I think I’d go insane!