So while I was home for my birthday I saw lots of family and friends, and of course they wanted to know how my life in Germany was going.

Cue having to answer the same question time and time again: “How’s it going in Germany? Is it amazing?”

I was very honest in my answer: “yeah, it’s ok”.

Cue looks of disbelief from said family members and friends: “what do you mean “ok”?”

Me: “it’s fine. My classes are fine, I like my flat. But there are also really crap parts to it as well. So overall, it’s just “ok”.”

Family: “oh, what’s wrong with it?!”

List of things wrong with my year abroad (some trivial, some very serious):

  1. Potsdam is freezing
  2. I don’t have many friends
  3. I was told that I’d make “loads” of friends with native speakers. I have one.
  4. They eat too many potatoes
  5. It’s lonely
  6. I don’t know what’s going on half of the time
  7. People treat me like I’m an idiot because I haven’t mastered the German language (I’m very intelligent in English!!)
  8. German bureaucracy (see other blog post!)
  9. On average I will have 3 conversations a day about Brexit. (yes I don’t understand it either, and yes I hate it as well, just be glad you don’t have to live with it)
  10. My comfort eating has got way out of control, and therefore, so has my weight.
  11. The stupid washing machines in my building automatically dose out washing detergent and it’s making my skin all blotchy and spotty
  12. I miss my uni friends at Southampton so much!
  13. I miss being able to walk into my flat and be greeted by my best friends who I can have a laugh and a joke with
  14. My French teacher scares me (no joke, she’s terrifying)
  15. I spend way too much time watching box sets in my room on my own


So there’s why my year abroad is “fine” or “ok” rather than “amazing” or “the time of my life”. There are good bits, like my Jumping Fitness class (this is so much fun, have a look at this video here: , particularly 1 minute 25). But there are also all of the crap things that I’ve mentioned above.