A lecturer at Southampton encouraged us all to find that *one* place they can go to to escape from the difficulties of life in a foreign country. That one place they feel at home. That one place where they can relax.

And I’ve found mine.

It’s a nice little coffee shop in Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, that serves amazing hot chocolate and cake. I sat there yesterday with my new book that I’ve just bought called The Heart Goes Last by an amazing author called Margaret Atwood (she wrote the Handmaid’s Tale I had to read for English in year 12) and read. And drank hot chocolate. And ate cake.

And for the first time in a while, I just felt settled and chilled.

So I encourage you all to find just one place where you can go and chill, have some me-time and escape from the crazy world around you. And eat cake.


P.S. once I’ve finished reading my new book, I will post a review of it!